Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ft Worth

I'm a Dallas girl through and through.. Plano if you want to get specific. any shopping, eating, playing, driving takes place east. But yesterday we headed west to Ft. Worth's Sundance Square for the evening. This place is so cool! Maybe I'm the only one who hasn't been out there since I was a small child but I loved it! So many great places to eat, awesome atmosphere, good little shops, HUGE Barnes and Noble. All things I love.

We started with dinner at Reata's. Amazing. It was just what I imagined for a perfect Ft Worth restaurant- nothing fancy, cowboy hats, rope and rod iron. I could go on forever about everything I ate- pecan biscuits, an appetizer platter with so much greatness on it I could have stopped there (best calamari I have ever put in my face), and finally stuffed salmon stuffed with so much seafood I couldnt even tell you. But best of all the company of old roommates, husbands and boyfriends. It was a perfect meal. We walked the streets for a while... long enough for me to make room for ice cream. It was a perfect little change of scenery.

Friday, July 24, 2009

a little glimpse

Okay if I'm going to let you into my life through this blog, which I feel like blogging can a personal thing sometimes, there are somethings that you just need to know about me.
Today we'll start with one thing that I really love. The food network. Does that make me an old lady or momish? I have to say I don't care. I love the food network! Giada, Bobby Flay, Paula Dean- Its great! I've always thought that in another life time I would go to culinary school and be a pastry chef. I love all that is food!
I also love it because its sometimes it just makes for great white noise while I'm reading or working on something else. the food network never fails me!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life after college

So I wasn't sure if or when I was going to start one of these for a variety of reasons or excuses or something, but now I think if nothing else I just need the outlet.

Life after college is weird.

I'm living with my parents and they are amazingly gracious to even allow me to come back here, eat their meals, use their washer and drier, and just hang out with them. But sometimes it would really be nice to feel a little more....accomplished. And that would come with a job! ohhh a job. Right now I'm working at Francesca's, wonderful little boutique-like shop. yes, wonderful. It really is great for a retail job, but again I cannot afford rent or really many extras with that income yet. I'm grateful to have any income right now but I'd like to have something a little more full time. I'm constantly searching the internet and just thinking about things that I could do that I would be happier in a more real world setting. I've always wanted to do wedding planning or events, but other creative design jobs are appealing as well. Then there are the more philanthropic jobs that I would love. And then there is teaching...

Oh whyyy I'm I having this soul searching crisis at 22?! Or maybe this is the best time to have it?! All I know is I'm constantly on my knees right now so that it is not me making the decisions because clearly I'm not the one for that job.