Monday, November 30, 2009

Basically won the lottery.

Okay if you don't have an item of clothing you would be willing to part with and love cupcakes you may stop reading now. For all the rest of you normal humans this is big!
Never going to turn down easy cash, I went to Buffalo Exchange (off Greenville) today with one of my friends this afternoon to try to exchange some clothes (note to self- take current fashion). After she insisted that we go next door to get "the best cupcakes ever" (also a claim by Ellen DeGeneres). Well twist my arm! This little bakery had the best deal EVER. If you live in Dallas, you are crazy to pass this up! Bring in one clothing item and get two free cupcakes! I had left all my clothes next door for them to donate over there, but my wonderful friend had her rejects from Buffalo Exchange. Four Free cupcakes!!!! Thank you Society Bakery! Jenny called her husband to tell him about our exciting news and he thought we had won the lottery or something. We sure felt like it!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I spend all of my work day on the phone. I'm grateful when someone answers at the other end, even more so when they are friendly. After today I'm grateful for my job.
I call churches all over to gather information on salaries. In this crazy economy we all know that can be... crazy. This afternoon I spoke to a man on what seemed to be his cell phone (usually they are in the office). I should mention this was the senior pastor of a church. He was willing to help with the information. He answered some of my questions and when I asked about his salary he answered "as of this month, zero." I was speechless. This man's heart was so full. He has been the pastor at the church for 16 years and saw no reason to leave. wow.
He is looking for other work at the time, but will continue his 65 hr work week at the church. I'll be praying for Pastor G. and his family. It is neat to see someone with such trust and faith in the work of the Lord. I know he'll be blessed.