Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh sweet Dallas.

Dallas is a city like no other.

April's issue of D Magazine has a list of the top 52 things you must do in Dallas. "You're not a true local unless you've done them all."

I'll list some of my favorites, but really and truly this list is great so take time to explore yourself.

(in no particular order, with no great rhyme or reason)

1. Eat Bob Armstrong Dip at Mattio's - Done. Its great.
2. Eat frozen grapes at the pool by the Joule - Never have I done this at the Joule.
3. Get fake boobs - Yes, so Dallas. me however, not so Dallas.
4. Go to the Plano Balloon Festival - every year growing up

These are just a few that either made me laugh or brought back memories. There is so much to love about Dallas and according to this list I have to get busy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Better Late Than Never... Right?

So Ive really fallen off the blog radar, but I'm back! AND ENGAGED!!! It happened a few months ago, but I figured it is a pretty big, monumental moment and how dare I with hold this from my blog!
It was my birthday and I new that Douglas had a whole day of activities planned. I made me french toast for breakfast, got my car detailed (may not seem like a big deal but oh, how I was grateful!), went to a movie, went on a Segway tour of downtown Dallas (we look like huge dorks but it was so fun!)
After the tour we were going to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Momo's.
But before dinner I would get my third birthday present. This was really the perfect day. Since we've been engaged I've learned that my love language is quality time... he really hit the nail on the head with this day.

We had dessert at my parents after dinner with both families.
I still just stare at it...

And the fun and smiles just continued because the next night we had an awesome NYE party with only the best friends ever! So much for fun and happy memories to come!!!