Saturday, August 14, 2010

Detox in Santa Fe

(I'm really struggling and this is the only picture it will let me up load)

I am a horrible relaxer. I've never been able to sleep in (9 o'clock is pushing it and I truly can't tell you the last time I slept that late). I have trouble enjoying just sitting when I know there are things (laundry, errands, baking, yoga) that need to be done. I constantly need to be doing or at least thinking about doing something.
This past week I relaxed. refreshed. and reloaded. I spent the week in beautiful Glorieta, New Mexico. My friend's band was leading worship at the collegiate week and in between morning and evening services but I had no real schedule. We ate many great meals. This place, featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, was so great that we made sure to go 3 separate occasions (one dinner, one breakfast, and maybe just to take pie back to the hotel)
Some mornings I read at the lake with a coffee. Some mornings I went to service. One day I actually think I slept in.
We spent some time at the square at Santa Fe. Reading, listening to an awesome cute old band play folk music and watching the couples dance. I was on a mission for the perfect turquoise ring. I had the color, size and shape in my mind and I was not really willing to settle when I was a city covered with the stuff. I ended up finding a stone I love and I am going to have a family friend back home make my ring.
We went to an art gallery that a local man told Jenny about. My words mean little here. Go to her website. I have so many favorites and so many that just took my breath away.
I spent a lot of time a several tucked away coffee shops or one of a kind book stores.
We spent a day just driving up a mountain stopping at different looking points... once to eat a piece of pie :)... but also just to sit and be still and talk about anything, hiking a little, reading some more.
So no, maybe I didn't completely stop. I think for me to do that I would have to go to a monastery. But I did slow down. People in the city move so quickly, always aware of the time. Last week, I had no agenda and wore no watch. I haven't been able to really enjoy a book in forever. I had about 10 great meals which is always counted as success. Lots of good conversations, but also lots of good quiet. I am refreshed and trying to retain some bit of that piece of mind.

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